January 21, 2018

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Creation of safe working conditions, preservation of life and health of employees is one of the priority activities
LLC ” Trans Magistral Neft  (TMN)” in the field of labor protection and industrial safety.

The company develops and maintains a system for managing occupational safety and health in order to improve the protection of employees, the introduction of a safe work culture and additional measures to ensure trouble-free operation.

Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of labor protection, industrial and fire safety are fundamental principles of the Company’s work in the area of ​​training specialists in occupational safety and industrial safety, special assessment of working conditions, effective management of potential risks, minimizing the number of incidents and incidents in production, requirements in this area to each employee and their rigorous execution.

Trans Magistral Neft(TMN)LLC  appreciates its employees for its high professionalism, initiative, focus on achievement of results, adherence to corporate values ​​and traditions.

The policy of providing social benefits and guarantees, a decent standard of living for employees, developing their personality, maintaining health is an important condition for motivating and motivating staff, which ensures successful performance of production tasks with minimum costs and maximum efficiency.