January 6, 2018

About Us


Since our establishment some years back, TRANS MAGISTRAL NEFT LLC has made impressive and continuous progress in developing the organization to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity to be the fully-integrated Refinery/supplier for Petroleum & petrochemical products.

TRANS MAGISTRAL NEFT LLC is professionally  managed  organization engaged International multi Energy commodity & Petroleum   Products , running   its   operations   in   several   strategically interesting geographical   regions around the   globe.

TRANS MAGISTRAL NEFT LLC has  Petroleum refining  plants  and  clients  for commodities like  Petroleum & petrochemical products,  and operations  are  based  on  universal  principles  in  combination  with insights  into  and with the  respect  for  local  culture  and with high professional level  of  economic  development

We have  built  up    network/Plants  for  crude  oil  and  refined  products

We  actively   open  and engage on  meaningful  dialogue  with  our  business  partners to promote sustainable development so as to increase our mutual understanding of production and become a major Supplier in the various countries.

We act with confidence and trust, and strive to attain the greatest possible insight and openness in communication, Through diligence, dedication and building a name for reliability, International Petroleum markets held a prominent standing in the oil industry for over some Years.

Our main focus are follows when working with our partners and customers are.

  • Strong capital backing and performance.• Focus on sound operating fundamentals.• Working with responsible outlook to our fragile environment • Continuous professional conduct and development.• Effective and efficient operations and customer services • Concentrating on due diligence.

works with a clear objective of sustaining growth patterns through consistent quality and never failing commitments. And has catapulted to the paradigm of success, since its inception. It has grown in size and stature due to the unswerving motivation, dedication and commitment of its management

We aim to introduce global best practice across the whole range of our operations, from the way we manage our  oil wells to the way we manage our people and we are trying to set a new Russian benchmark for efficiency and competitiveness in the oil industry.

we are firmly committed to building and investing in a modern thriving business which generates superior returns and brings benefits for all our stakeholders.

TRANS MAGISTRAL NEFT LLC  is one of the most important integrated energy companies  operating in the oil and  gas, petro- chemical, oilfield services industries.